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We’re making online advertising easier and more effective every day. With half a decade and billions of impressions under our belts, we’ve developed tools, processes, & experts that work on attaining outstanding results for our clients. Here are some reasons why smart media buyers choose Aezy:

  • One stop shop for online advertising
  • Detailed tracking & performance tools
  • Online Reporting & Collaboration System
  • Great return on investment.

True Traffic.

With access to over 800 Million unique places on the web to target, you’ll be able to drive the right message to the right people, at the right moment.


Aezy is an incredible strategic partner for BHW1. For the past three years BHW1 has worked with Aezy on campaigns for both large and small clients with incredible results — millions of impressions, thousands of conversions — resulting in increased revenue, traffic and awareness again and again. Chris and his team do it all — search, PPC, display, retargeting, social and more — and manage every campaign placement and buy with a human touch — without the “automation” tactics some other companies try to sell you on. From start to finish Aezy provides a personalized arsenal of account managers, strategists and analysts to walk clients through each phase.

I’ve never seen my marketing dollars more effectively reach my customers. The experts at Aezy have helped me plan and execute some extremely successful online marketing campaigns, and the results, underscored by solid analytics are undeniable evidence of their excellent work!

It’s been really great working with Aezy over the past year. Our business has seen a tremendous increase in sales from the previous year, and a big part of our success is due to the dedication and skill set that the team possesses over at Aezy. One of the biggest pluses is that they get startups and small business.

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